Floor Restoration Services

It goes without saying that any business’ flooring will see the most amount of foot traffic and expect there to be wear and tear over the years. Plus, with the snow, slush, and salt that accompanies winters in Canada, even more stress is added to flooring, along with the dirt that customers and clients can often bring in with them.

While you might think that having flooring made of vinyl or another material involves little maintenance, these materials can often require the most care. As part of our janitorial services in Toronto and the surrounding areas, Ergo Clean janitorial services offer floor restoration and buffing services.

Keeping Important Areas Clean

The area around your front desk must be kept as clean as possible; after all, it’s the first thing customers see upon entering your office or business. As business owners ourselves, Ergo Clean recognizes this; that’s why we offer floor cleaning as part of our janitorial services in the GTA, in the following areas: Toronto, Vaughan, Markham, Concord, Woodbridge, Brampton, and Mississauga.

Maintaining Flooring Quality Year-Round

We don’t need to tell you about winter conditions in Canada—the salts now being used on roads are especially harsh. Even if your flooring is new, a couple of months of heavy foot traffic during the winter can leave it looking worn out.

Keep your floors looking like new with Ergo Clean’s office cleaning services – businesses in the GTA are always turning to us for all their floor buffing needs, no matter what season.

Keep Your Business’s Flooring Cost-Effective

Replacing your floor is an expensive prospect, and getting a rug installed is only a band-aid solution to a more significant problem, and still ends up costing your business money. With more and more organizations looking to save on costs wherever they can, having your floor restored is the best option and most cost-effective method for keeping your floors looking as good as new.

Work with Ergo Clean

In addition to our floor cleaning janitorial services in the GTA, Ergo Clean also offers complete floor restoration services. Our team of professionals will come in and strip and wax your floor using our thorough 16-step process to leave your floor looking as fantastic as it did the day it was installed. Once the restoration is complete, we will give you instructions on how to keep your floor looking shiny and fresh.

At Ergo Clean, we are a reliable commercial cleaning company with the most competitive rates. If you’re looking to hire a consistent cleaning service that is bonded and insured, we can guarantee you will be satisfied when working with us. Get in touch with us today to discuss your commercial cleaning needs!

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