Businesses need to know that their facilities are safe and healthy environments, both for their staff and their visitors. This is especially true in light of the increased focus on health since the spread of COVID-19.

That’s why the professionals at Ergo Clean place such an immense focus on the health and safety of their clients. Our cleaning teams are able to handle any challenge head-on, so try our superior disinfection services today. You’ll see the Ergo Clean difference through our tried-and-true commercial cleaning methods.

Commercial Deep Cleaning Services

We serve a variety of industries in the commercial sector. We reduce the health risk of COVID-19 and other diseases across a variety of buildings. Ergo Clean ensures the safety and wellbeing of all by using eco-friendly disinfection products, staying committed to best practices, and using the methods we’ve established during our nearly 35+ years in business.

We design customized cleaning schedules that are flexible, giving you the options of engaging our services for daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly cleaning. We can even forgo a long-term contract by taking simply providing a one-time cleaning service when appropriate.

Hospital-Grade Disinfectant Products for High Touchpoints

We take care of environments that are contaminated with everyday harmful bacteria, as well as COVID-19. Ergo Clean cleaning experts ensure that high touchpoints are taken care of for a professional disinfection that allows employees and customers to use the space without worry.

Whether it’s your work environment, the hotel lobby, or your building elevator, we sanitize high touchpoints, including:

  • Door Handles
  • Light Switches
  • Handrails
  • Equipment
  • Faucets
  • Toilets
  • Remote Controls
  • Tables
  • Phones
  • Computer Devices

Our professional electrostatic disinfection services utilize a pump, battery sprayer, or a manual spray process to effectively prevent the spread of viruses, particularly COVID-19. Our staff is trained to expertly clean while wearing personal protective equipment.

One-Time Disinfection Service

People gain an enormous sense of relief when they are around visibly cleaner surfaces. So whether your facility needs a thorough decontamination due to a confirmed safety risk or you’re re-opening your business, Ergo Clean can provide one-time disinfection services to meet your needs.

Our service offerings include top-to-bottom cleaning and disinfection. Ergo Clean cleaning teams are thorough, paying close attention to the most heavily trafficked areas and sections.

Recurring Services

This is where the phrase “business as usual” takes on a whole new meaning, and Ergo Clean can help reduce any unplanned downtime at your business facilities. Our sanitation and disinfection services will put your customers and employees at ease.

Our recurring on-premises commercial cleaning services include:

  • Sanitation: We will cover priority areas and surfaces, such as bathrooms and dining areas, using only the greenest and most effective products for bacteria elimination.
  • Sanitation Specialist: We go the extra mile by sanitizing highly touched areas, including meeting rooms and elevators. Clean, shining surfaces will help building occupants gain peace of mind, knowing that they are safe.
  • Decontamination: Whether you need commercial or industrial decontamination, we will sanitize hard and soft surfaces for a complete room cleanse, eliminating mould and mildew, fungi, and other bacteria.
  • Tenant Concierge: Our Ergo Clean team can provide your tenants with immediate cleaning and sanitation services for infected areas or between everyday meetings to prevent spreading contaminants.
  • Daytime Ambassador: One of our trained cleaning staff will welcome individuals to your establishment while enforcing social distancing protocols. They will also implement frequent disinfectant measures for highly touched areas.

All of these disinfection service offerings can be part of your facility’s maintenance routine, so customers and staff who must be on-site regain peace of mind. Our Ergo Clean experts will make an on-premises assessment to begin designing your cleaning and sanitation program.

Top-Tier Cleaning Company

When you need a top-level cleaning service, Ergo Clean is fully prepared to meet any challenge. Our professional disinfection services are highly adaptive to fit your business needs, and they are designed according to the standards set out by Health Canada, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the World Health Organization (WHO).

Contact us to learn more about our disinfection services today!