Commercial spaces need to remain as clean as possible at all times. Hiring a cleaning service like Ergo Clean, Inc. can benefit your Markham business in many ways. Keep reading to learn more about this commercial cleaning company and the range of services it offers. 

Ergo Clean, Inc. provides commercial cleaning services to several types of businesses in Markham and the surrounding areas. Some of the many business types served by us include offices, churches, stores, warehouses, medical facilities and fitness centres. 

Top Commercial Cleaning Services Offered in Markham 

Offering a range of commercial cleaning services allows us to ensure our clients’ needs are met. While our staff does a top-notch job for every type of client it serves, the company specializes in office cleanings. 

Washing a couple of standard windows typically isn’t difficult, but when multiple windows are involved, the windows are exceptionally large or they have an ornate design, the task really gets challenging. The pros at Ergo Clean, Inc. are skilled in handling many types of windows to give them a crystal-clear appearance with no smudges or streaks. 

It’s not a great look to have clean windows with dirty blinds serving as a backdrop. You could just have the windows cleaned, but when your windows look picture-perfect, the discoloration of dirt, dust and grime can seem more prominent on your blinds. While regularly dusting blinds is relatively easy, it’s only a matter of time before they need a deep cleaning. That task takes quite a bit of time and effort, especially for certain varieties of blinds, but it’s one our staff are experts in. 

From carpet to hardwood to tile, we have the skills to make your floors look as fantastic as possible. We even offer floor restoration services to bring back much of the sparkle that eventually dulls due to high foot traffic. 

Another of our many services is construction site clean-up. A renovation or a build from the ground up will always be a messy process, but our expert cleaning team knows how to remove all the dust and debris, so the space is ready for whoever will be using it next. 

Contact Ergo Clean, Inc. for Commercial Cleaning Services

The bonded and insured team at Ergo Clean, Inc. adheres to the standards set forth by the Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System. We take every precaution to guarantee we do each job safely and with respect to your property and privacy. Our clients know we value them and their business. Satisfaction with our cleaning efforts and customer service are top priorities.

Reach out to Ergo Clean, Inc. if your Markham commercial space needs a one-time cleaning or if you want to plan for regular visits. We’ll work with your schedule to set up a time and day that’s most convenient for you and your team. Our staff will be happy to talk about our affordable prices, provide you with references and come up with a detailed cleaning plan to suit your needs.